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Nathan Levinson

Nathan Levinson is a global business owner and social activist. Levinson’s journey began at a very early age when he left Toronto to go to New York City. His determination in creating success no matter what, led him to becoming one of the youngest business owner’s in property management.

Nathan’s work ethic overcame years of adversity and quickly translated to entrepreneurial pursuits in the property management industry, where he grew one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada – Royal York Property Management. Since the company’s foundation in 2010, Nathan’s vision has been to expedite the leasing process for property owners and tenants; moreover, implement new technologies that focus on custom security and integration for managing properties effectively.

Currently expanding his company globally, Nathan is ready to reach new levels of success and revolutionize the property management industry. Nathan is only getting started.

Early Life

“I am self-taught. There are many ways to learn in life; nevertheless, schooling is held on the highest pedestal. But learning from your failures or life traumas are not only inexpensive, but the greatest lessons of all.”

From Nathan’s challenging upbringing to the traumas of bouncing around from home to home and finding the right family to take him in, Levinson’s road to success was paved with high vulnerabilities and insecurities. But his entrepreneurial spirit did not allow his potential to go unnoticed.
Nathan was eager to become independent and lead others.

Lost with the standards of religious grade school, Levinson’s passion for business was identified by behavioral issues and eventually, he was no longer welcomed back to school. At the age of 12, Nathan decided to get on a Jewish community bus that transported kids from Toronto, Ontario to schools in New York City.

The unstable living conditions and constant bullying, coupled with the overwhelming stress of being financially independent at a young age, did not facilitate a conventional path to success. Even though there were many challenges endured, Nathan’s entrepreneurial traits would serve him well in his career.


“My childhood didn’t help me grow to where I am today. Instead, it has helped me take punches – have the ability to say ‘I hit rock bottom, it can’t get much worse than this, so why not try it?’ Giving me the guts to try different things, never be afraid, and take risks”

As with any great hardship, Nathan decided to learn from it. This go-getter mentality became the catalyst to his success today. Throughout each phase of life, Nathan is determined to capture each opportunity with an overwhelming sense of purpose. From selling goods out of his school locker to providing the school with vending machines, Nathan makes sure to go beyond normal action.

Nathan’s passion in real estate began at the age of seven. After seeing his grandfather own several real estates and his father struggling on rental income and reliable tenants, Nathan decided to see these shortcomings in property management operations as an opportunity. In high school, Levinson began to create a thesis that would encapsulate a solution to the difficulties of defaulting tenants, by simply, providing a guaranteed rental income for property owners and an effective tenant screening process.

In 2010, Levinson founded Royal York Property Management and is now one of the most successful founders in the industry. Nathan leads an innovative property rental and leasing firm. RYPM has a portfolio of over 13,000 properties, which are offered guaranteed rental income. Valued at over $7.8B in real estate assets under management, the company is advancing technology in their processes, systems, and expanding globally, while operating 24/7 – 365.

What Clients Say

Nathan works hard to reach new levels of success in property management, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of his clients have to say.

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