Innovators across North America changing their industries’ landscapes

From real estate to blockchain, these 7 entrepreneurs are pushing forward with creativity.

Who said business must be done as usual? The strongest advancements come from those willing to think outside of the box. Read on to learn about seven disruptors who will inspire you with their original thinking and commitment to bringing exciting products and services to their client base.

Nathan Levinson: Changing the face of property management

Royal York Property Management, one of Canada’s top rental and leasing firms, and MATEEMare leading the potential in their industry. Led by founder Nathan Levinson, Royal York offers cloud-based services that simplify the needs of both owners and tenants. MATEEM was created to expedite the rental process, consolidate systems, cut leasing costs and ensure satisfaction for owners and tenants. Levinson believes MATEEM will one day manage the entire backend of the real estate industry.

Top investor Royston G. King is a master brand-builder

eCommerce is a growing market, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down; luckily, Royston G. King has what it takes to keep up. He is known as an accomplished investor, industrious partner and trusted adviser to many prosperous companies and brands across a range of industries. King is perhaps most proud of his work with Master Scaling, a digital marketing partner using proven marketing techniques and conversion rate optimization strategies to build and boost brands. He believes that we can build a better society by supporting ethical, tenable and conscientious brands, and King is working tirelessly to prove it.

Top entrepreneur Kameron Scott provides honest reviews at CarAudioNow

Kameron Scott, founder and manager of CarAudioNow, is standing against the invasion of inauthentic and nescient reviews flooding the web. Scott created CarAudioNow in 2010 as a simple eCommerce site; now, it has grown into one of the top sources of automotive and marine electronics reviews and how-to content in the country. It provides sagacious, top-notch content from the experience of learned professionals. Since 2011, the scope of the site has grown to cover a wide range of electronic products. Its goal is to inform users with reliable content, easing and expediting the consumer’s quest to find quality electronics.

Richard Hardy safely ship pets with Blue Collar Pet Transport

With Blue Collar Pet Transport, one of America’s top pet relocation services, your dog or cat is treated like a beloved family member and arrives safely. With shared ride pet transport and private pet relocation services, pets can travel comfortably by ground anywhere in North America, including in Central Florida. Pets can also fly via air pet transport and private jet pet transport. With Blue Collar Pet Transport, owners entrust their pets to true animal lovers. As Blue Collar Pet Transport is Department of Agriculture-registered and -insured, your furry friend will be in safe hands.

Cryptocurrency mogul Jarred Winn on making blockchain accessible for all

Renowned growth hacker and blockchain philanthropist Jarred Winn is breathing new life into the cryptocurrency industry. After 10 years in Silicon Valley, Winn realized that the crypto industry was fraught with ineffective and inaccessible messaging that repelled new and inexperienced participants. He envisioned comprehensive growth strategies that would compel users to participate in the ecosystem. This prompted Winn to create a blockchain growth and advisory agency,, composed of talented crypto growth hackers developing crypto-specific growth engines. The business works with cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, utilizing a unique skill set to overcome the most challenging barriers to entry.

Through Monica Edwards’ coaching, real estate professionals rid themselves of their gremlins

Certified transformational business and mindset coach Monica K. Edwards empowers real estate professionals to free themselves of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to reach their personal and professional goals. Clients chart their own course to success through Edwards’ coaching sessions, where they replace negative ideas and thought patterns with new neural pathways, rewiring the brain. With a stronger self-image, they enjoy more peace and productivity at work.

Adam Kutner: Bridging the digital divide in Las Vegas

Adam Kutner is a personal injury attorney and founding partner at Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas. With more than 30 years of experience, he is a prominent figure in Las Vegas, known for giving back. In the past, Kutner has championed charitable organizations through Adam Kutner Cares and has provided scholarship opportunities for aspiring lawyers. Because Kutner’s philosophies are centered around fairness and justice, he is now launching an initiative to support underserved student communities. Bridging the Digital Divide in Las Vegas will gift one Chromebook to a student every day for the next 100 days.

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