Meet Nathan Levinson- The Global Business Tycoon, Who Built His Empire On His Own Terms

Once Thomas Alva Edison said- Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Just like Time never stops for anyone, you should also never stop for anyone in your life, you should consistently focus on your work and be dedicated to achieving your goal. In Today’s feature, we’ll be shedding a light on the life of one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world- Nathan Levinson. A global business owner, a social activist who has built his won empire in the world of real estate. Levinson’s journey started when he left Toronto, Ontario to move to New York City to pursue his dreams. With ambition and a dream in his eyes, and nothing in his hands, Nathan had to struggle a lot to establish his business. But with his hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Nathan achieved what would have seemed impossible for many in the first place. Nathan’s work ethic overcame years of adversity and quickly translated to entrepreneurial pursuits in the property management industry, where he grew one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada – Royal York Property Management. The company with its over a decade of experience has successfully helped many property owners and tenants in providing quality property solutions. The dynamic and proactive team has the experience, skills, and expertise that helps you save your money and maximize your profits when it comes to managing your residential real estate investments. Since the company’s foundation in 2010, Nathan’s vision has been to expedite the tenant placement and leasing process for property owners and tenants and implement new technologies that focus on custom security and integration for managing properties effectively. Nathan Levinson has been able to get his portfolio to over 7.8 billion dollars in assets under management with managing over 13,000 properties across Ontario Canada.

Currently expanding his company globally, Nathan is all set to reach his crescendo of success and is looking forward to revolutionizing the whole industry in the upcoming years.