Nathan Levinson Founder of Royal York Property Management plans to spread its wings beyond Canada and Europe in the coming years.

Royal York Property Management is already a success story in the real estate sector with tens of thousands of properties managed and leased by them.

There are tons of success stories that we read about coming from different industries and sectors of the world. However, some of these stories have the power and the influence to even alter the mindsets of people for the better and imbue more hope, positivity, and motivation in them to take significant steps or make sound decisions for making it huge in those sectors. The real estate space is one such, which has so far produced some of the greatest success stories, but what has made them great is the uniqueness they have offered through their services in the industry. Taking Royal York Property Management as an example here; it has always remained in the news for its incredible service in property management and leasing services, and this time as well, it has garnered headlines as the Founder Nathan Levinson aims to take the firm beyond Canada and Europe in the coming years.

Last year, the much-talked-about real estate property management company had announced that all their in-house services and departments will operate 24/7 all year round, thus offering incredible customer service. The company has always attracted people’s attention for one reason or the other. President and Founder Nathan Levinson spoke to us and talked about how he aims to further deliver better services in the coming years where everything becomes seamless and effortless for their clients with regard to managing their investment properties. He spoke of how he now aims to spread his company’s wings beyond Canada and Europe and gradually let the world know how Royal York Property Management can take over the real estate world by setting the standards right for residential property management and leasing service, offering the highest quality services.

They already serve 29 locations in Canada and 2 active locations in Europe with 9 more openings this year. Speaking about introducing many other things in the company, Nathan Levinson says, “We have always been a forward-thinking company, and in the near future, I would also like to introduce modern tech in order to give clients a far better experience in browsing our website and app choosing services and having an overall exceptional experience with property management and leasing out their property.”

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