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“It’s not because I am good at it, it’s because I never give up.


Nathan Levinson

Founder, President, and Global Director of Royal York Property Management (RYPM), a leading property rental and leasing firm with a portfolio of over 13,000 properties under management in Ontario. Since the company’s foundation in 2010, Nathan Levinson has been able to lead one of the fastest-growing companies in property management.

Nathan is an entrepreneur who always thinks of ways to improve the industry. Currently, Nathan is directing the global expansion of Royal York Property Management. His vision is focused on making Royal York the innovation leadership for property management. With the first opening in Albania, and plans of expanding Royal York Property Management services into the rest of the European market, the company can now help property owners and tenants during any time of day, no matter where they may be. This young entrepreneur is going beyond boundaries and limiting expectations in property management.


Nathan’s Ventures

Dare to do something different – you won’t know where it will take you, until you try

Royal York Property Management

Leading one of the most innovative property rental and leasing firms on the market today. Royal York Property Management has a portfolio of over 13,000 properties, which are offered guaranteed rental income. Valued at over $7.8B in real estate assets under management, the company is advancing technology in their processes, systems, and expanding globally, while operating 24/7 – 365.


Management Software

Property management software designed to meet the requirements of landlord and tenants to manage property digitally. The web-mobile based solution offers property accounting, tenant management, lease tracking, maintenance schedule, vendor management, and muh more.


One United EMS

One United EMS’ mission is to save lives, and to prevent, reduce, and treat injuries and illnesses. We lead fire-aid and ambulance services in the North Jersey area. Also, we distribute safety information throughout northern Jersey, helping people stay safe.


What Clients Say

Nathan works hard to reach new levels of success in property management, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of his clients have to say.

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