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Whether it’s finding you a qualified tenant, handling day-to-day maintenance requests, offering full rental guarantee on your property, leading a team of specialists who will help you during any time of day, or figuring out new ways to make property management better for you, Royal York Property Management is always here.

Nathan’s Vision for
Royal York

Since the company’s foundation in 2010, Nathan’s vision has been to create property management that’s easy for everyone to become a part of – to treat property management like people. With 26 office locations, Nathan is focused on ways to streamline the leasing and property management process.

 Planning to expand in 38 office locations across Europe and the Middle East, this young entrepreneur is creating a company that others may soon need to follow within the industry.

 Being a Toronto-based firm, Nathan keeps the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equity in mind, because Nathan believes the greatest resource in property management is, its people.

Servicing across Canada

Royal York Property Management is made for you: someone who is looking to be a part of the real estate world without worrying about the rigorous processes or the number of dollars needed to be part of the “real estate game.”

Royal York Property Management makes sure to deliver all services in-house, because we believe your property should be managed by a team of specialists who value your property’s needs. Our dynamic and proactive team has the experience, skills, and expertise to save you money, find your next home, and avoid costly mistakes. Your role as a property owner or tenant is to collect rental income and live in the home of your dreams – leave the rest to us!

  • Rental Guarantee
  • Tenant Placement
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Requests
  • Legal Services
  • Tenant Screening
  • Online Financial Reporting
  • Direct Rental Payments
  • Property Evaluations
  • Departments open 24/7 – 365

What Clients Say

Nathan works hard to reach new levels of success in property management, but don’t take our word for it. Here is what some of his clients have to say.

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The four-day-long meeting saw Council give the green light to 24,829 housing units, including 2,060 affordable units and 2,413 purpose-built rental units. The

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But by July, she was pulling

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Canada’s Tax Authority Has Been On A Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Crackdown

Canada’s Tax Authority Has Been On A Multi-Billion Dollar Real Estate Crackdown

Canadian real estate owners are stuck paying a buttload in penalties after trying to avoid taxes owed. New data from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) shows their crackdown on real estate owners/sellers has led to billions in recouped revenue.

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