These Rental Scams Are On The Rise Across Canada

Rental markets are heating up all across Canada, and with that comes a rise in rental scams looking to prey on desperate would-be tenants.

According to a new report from Vancouver-based rental platform, Canada is facing an unprecedented number of rental scams. Compared to June of last year, rental activity

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Canada’s Real Estate Bubble Is So Big Households Need 64% of Income For A Mortgage

Most of Canada couldn’t buy a home even if they wanted to. National Bank of Canada (NBF) is once again sounding the alarm on housing affordability. A typical home required nearly two-thirds of a household’s income just to service the mortgage payments in Q2 2022. The quarter saw the fastest erosion

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Average Toronto Rent Now $525 More Expensive Than it Was a Year Ago

Toronto rent prices continued their months-long climb in July, now sitting $525 above where they were at the same time last year.

A new report from and Bullpen Research & Consulting found that Toronto’s average rent price jumped a whopping 6.2% from June to July, to its

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From Inflation to Housing: The Rage Index Reveals What Makes Us Mad

The housing market has many Canadians seeing red.

According to the first-ever Rage Index, the country’s dramatic real estate market is a source of upset for more than half of Canadians (55%).

But that’s not all they’re mad about.

At a time when there’s no shortage of issues to get

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