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Half of Canadians Think Homeownership is Impossible: Survey

The great Canadian dream of homeownership is slipping away from those who don’t currently own property. According to a new study conducted by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), the prospect of homeownership remains far from reach for countless Canadians.The Housing Headache study found that half of Canadians who do not currently own a
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Royal York Property Management: Bringing Transparency to Renting and Leasing Properties

Transparency, let’s face it, maybe a buzzword these days, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find it manifested in the business world. From the fine print that scrolls oh-so-quickly across your TV screen as you watch an ad, to the double-talk we hear from salesmen, we’ve all gotten used to taking
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Toronto’s suburbs have the “frothiest” housing market in Canada: BMO

A “frothy” market exists when the price of an asset — housing, in this case — becomes detached from its underlying value as demand drives prices to unsustainable levels. Froth tends to precede a market bubble, which may eventually burst. Robert Kavcic, Senior Economist at BMO Capital Markets, says froth
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Royal York Property Management Offers Unprecedented Financial Support for Struggling Real Estate Investors

A Toronto-based property management company operating across Ontario and Europe, Royal York Property Management, has announced up to a $500 per month supplement for ‘struggling landlords’. Founder and Global Director Nathan Levinson stated that the offer was aimed at alleviating the stress of property investors amidst a worsening economic environment. Mr. Levinson said, “It has been a very difficult
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Apartment, row house growth outpaces single-detached homes: census

TORONTO – Single-detached houses are still the most plentiful type of housing in Canada, but apartments and row houses are slowly catching up, the latest census data reveals. The figures released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday show the country’s 7.8 million single-detached homes made up about 53 per cent of