Your tenant stopped paying rent? Royal York Property Management tells us everything we need to know.

Talk to your tenant

Before noticing that the rent has not been paid, get in touch with the tenant first. Royal York suggests that all such matters should be communicated through email, so that there is as much written proof as possible. Though we hope it never goes to that point, you should always be prepared if the case goes to the Landlord and Tenant Board. Remember to be polite and courteous, issues such as this can be sensitive and any unreasonable behavior could affect your position if you eventually go to the board. 

Talk to your guarantor 

Royal York Property Management offers Rental Guarantee, along with their Property Management. That means that if the tenant does not pay you rent, Royal York will. They will handle the whole process from basic communication to the tenant, to continuous reminders, written proof, notices, applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board and hearings, depending on the option that you choose. 

Starting at $19/month, Royal York covers 12 months of the rent, hearings, N4 notices, L1 application, sheriff costs, turnover cleaning, change of locks, replace your tenant for free and even cover up to $30,,000 cost for negligent damages done from the tenant. 

We highly suggest that you get into this program, as it is the cheapest, most effective one in the market. However, the tenant may also have a guarantor/co signer that has been listed on the Lease Agreement. If the rent has not been paid after 14 days, contact the tenant and guarantor requesting rent payment. Again, ensure that all communication is done through email. 

Begin eviction proceedings 

If the tenant falls into two months of rent arrears and has made no effort to communicate or remedy the situation, then you can begin the eviction process by sending an N4 notice first. Royal York Property Management advises that you work with a company that specializes in tenant evictions. Otherwise, you might be prone to significant financial loss due to losing time while your notice or application is deemed invalid for providing incorrect information. 

If the tenant hasn’t paid anything they owe or moved out by the termination date set on your notice, you can apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board for an order that evicts the tenant and requires them to pay all of the money they owe. The order will also give the tenant a chance to continue the tenancy by paying all of the rent and costs they owe by a deadline. 

Royal York Property Management has a specialized legal team at Zuber & Company LLP, available to assist their landlords with any legal issues, including tenant evictions. You can find out more about their legal services by clicking the link below;

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