10 Entrepreneurs Leading Their Industries In 2021

Property Management’s most innovative leader Nathan Levinson is now reaching new levels of success in his career. He is the founder, president, and global director of Royal York Property Management, a leading property rental and leasing firm with a portfolio of over 10,000 properties under management, in Ontario alone.

Through his tenure at RYPM, Nathan has become a passionate and enthusiastic leader who as grown his asset pool to over $4.2B, and managing over 10,000 properties. In addition he has expanded his service to 27 locations across Ontario. 

In addition to his duties at RYPM, Nathan also volunteers his time as a Lieutenant for a New Jersey-based Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Company within the special operations division, where he also handles 911 calls.

Nathan is also passionate about philanthropy, as seen through his various charitable donations over the years. He is most passionate about assisting schools with special needs students, organizing anti-bullying campaigns in schools across North America, and the support of his community synagogue Chabad of Downtown Toronto. Nathan recently began donating medical equipment, rescue trucks and ambulances to his volunteer EMS squad.

Source: 10 Entrepreneurs Leading Their Industries In 2021