Royal York Property Management Unlocks New Opportunities for Landlords and Tenants

Royal York Property Management is simplifying the process of finding reliable and affordable property management and tenant placement services. Luckily, landlords listing their properties on and don’t have to worry about that anymore. Two of Canada’s leading rental listing platforms have partnered exclusively with Royal York Property Management to ensure their listings get the best possible service and a suitable tenant in record-breaking time. 

The partnership has been championed under the initiative of Nathan Levinson, the Founder and President of Royal York Property Management. Nathan, an expert in the real estate industry with over 14 years of experience, has consistently aimed to disrupt the industry by leveraging data and innovative technology. This collaboration will merge Royal York Property Management’s proprietary tenant placement process with the extensive reach of and, paving the way for a transformative approach to property management and tenant placement services for long-term rentals across Canada.  

“This initiative is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. We’re not just growing; we’re setting new benchmarks, reshaping expectations, and redefining what’s possible in property management,” said Nathan. 

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In selecting an exclusive partner, and recognized Royal York Property Management’s unique strengths: a one-stop shop for all landlord services offered province-wide. Royal York Property Management’s extensive operations cover all of Ontario, with 17 office locations and hundreds of support staff, ensuring comprehensive service delivery to landlords and establishing a new benchmark in the property management industry. The company has also expanded globally, with new European office locations and customer service capabilities in over 20 languages. 

Royal York Property Management has a verifiable track record, managing tens of thousands of properties nationwide, including multi-unit buildings and single-family houses. Royal York Property Management’s list of services also caters to landlords and tenants, providing complete peace of mind with departments operational 24/7, 365 days a year, servicing clients both in Canada and internationally. Their in-house services include maintenance, finance and accounting, and legal support, designed for a hands-off experience. They solidify Royal York as the go-to solution for landlords, whether domestically or abroad. 

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all executed maintenance services backed by an internal network of licensed trade technicians. Their dedicated accounting and finance teams handle non-resident tax forms, such as the NR6, and provide direct financing options to landlords. The experienced in-house Legal Department manages all landlord-tenant disputes, including navigating the Landlord and Tenant Board (“LTB”), filing applications, delivering demand letters and notices, and conducting complex eviction processes. 

Royal York Property Management also stands out for its ability to fill vacancies quickly, integrating artificial intelligence for processes such as documentation verification. They have also leveraged data and artificial intelligence to create a proprietary match-making system that matches qualified tenants with properties in as little as fifteen days, far faster than the industry standard. The ability of Royal York Property Management to create suitable matches quickly stems from over a decade of investment into technology to make data-driven decisions. Innovation and focusing on the real estate industry disruption have been a guiding principle of Nathan’s managerial philosophy since he founded the company.  

Landlords who post their properties on and will also benefit from a powerful tenant screening system, with several layers of fraud prevention and protection supplemented with artificial intelligence for the landlord’s benefit. The security of the tenant placement process is underscored by Royal York Property Management’s willingness to offer rental guarantees for their properties. It is the only company in Canada to extend such a guarantee, highlighting their confidence in their process.  

Tenants can also be assured that their property is well-maintained, professionally cleaned, and cared for. The collaboration aims to enhance the renting experience for countless landlords and tenants, driven by Royal York Property Management’s innovative platform and commitment to client satisfaction. “Collaborating with and marks a pivotal advancement in our mission. Our focus on technology-driven solutions, consistent client satisfaction, and market leadership is unwavering,” said Nathan Levinson. 

Thanks to’s excellent user experience and TorontoRental’s expertise in the Greater Toronto Area, Royal York Property Management will be able to provide its industry-leading products and services to a more significant number of individuals and clients trying to navigate the especially difficult rental market. And that’s a goal both tenants and landlords can get behind.