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Nathan Levinson, një kanadez në Tiranë: Shqiptarët, të zgjuar dhe mësojnë shpejt

Një nga problemet më të mëdha sot në Shqipëri është largimi i të rinjve jashtë vendit dhe kërkimi mundësive të punësimit në shtete të tjera. Por në Tiranë gjen edhe të kundërtën, ka nga ata që kanë lënë shtete të zhvilluara për të punuar dhe jetuar në Shqipëri. Një prej
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Royal York Property Management Offers Unprecedented Financial Support for Struggling Real Estate Investors

North York, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – May 7, 2022) – A Toronto-based property management company operating across Ontario and Europe, Royal York Property Management, has announced up to a $500 per month supplement for ‘struggling landlords’. Founder and Global Director Nathan Levinson stated that the offer was aimed at alleviating the stress of property investors amidst a worsening economic environment. Mr.
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ANALYSIS: Why the Ontario election is one that all of Canada should watch  

Voters in Ontario will pass judgment on the government of Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives on June 2 but the race that will officially begin Wednesday is one that should interest voters across Canada. Every Ontario election, of course, has some national significance. After all, Ontario has more than
Nathan Levinson In the News

Innovators across North America changing their industries’ landscapes

From real estate to blockchain, these 7 entrepreneurs are pushing forward with creativity. Who said business must be done as usual? The strongest advancements come from those willing to think outside of the box. Read on to learn about seven disruptors who will inspire you with their original thinking and
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Hiking development charges will only make homes more unaffordable

Builders and developers must overcome myriad planning, zoning, and logistical hurdles as well as rustle through a lot of red tape, rules, and regulations to get residential projects built in Toronto. It all comes with a hefty price, of course. The more time and money a developer spends navigating the