The Keys To Successfully Marketing Your Property

When it comes to investing in a new rental property, or setting up an existing one for tenants to move into, marketing is paramount. Do-it-yourself marketing can have an adverse effect not just on reach and overall exposure, but reputation as well. First impressions mean a lot, especially to tenants looking for the nicest possible rental space to fit their budget. 

Standing apart from competition means being able to present your property in the best possible light. A Property Management company knows exactly how to polish up your property and present it on a digital silver platter for prospective tenants to consume. From there, it’s a matter of sitting back and determining which tenant is the ideal candidate for your space. Here’s how that happens.


It’s no secret that the digital space has transformed how we do business, and rental properties are no different. Tenants are looking to rent, and landlords want to present. This exchange means the latter must offer a product that is enticing to the prospective client. Social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook are especially good at presenting rental properties thanks to their focus on presentation. Facebook is an advertising powerhouse, while Instagram is a place that brings experiences to the forefront. 

Similarly, the right Property Management company will utilize a multitude of trade and rental websites to maximize exposure and get your property in front of as many eyes as possible. Sites like Kijiji are becoming more and more popular for prospective tenants who want a simple and direct way of skimming through various properties. Alternatively, websites that specialize exclusively in property rentals and/or home sales are frequently utilized in order to widen that exposure even further. In short, it’s all about maxing out the use of proper marketing channels to reach a wider audience.


When it comes to presenting your property, the use of professional photography cannot be overstated. Oftentimes a landlord will strut through their property with a cellphone camera and take a few snapshots, mistakenly believing that’s all that is required. The reality is that very few people really know how to capture a property at its best for the purpose of enticing would-be tenants.

Everything must be taken into account, from level of detail, to color, and especially lighting. For instance, many stock cameras and cellphones take pictures with a warmer temperature, which can blow out the property and make it look orange, thereby robbing it of its true aesthetics. In other instances, poor lighting and wrong time of day can destroy any hint of the beautiful natural lighting that your property might offer. And finally, a good photographer knows how vital it is to capture key areas of a property at particular angles in order to showcase space, foot traffic and amenities. 


Video is quickly becoming the gold standard for property rentals, and that trend seems to be increasing. We live in the age of digital video platforms, and refusing to capitalize on them could mean the difference between losing an A+ tenant, and gaining a bad one. The same principle holds true here. Video should be done by a professional who knows how to leverage the lighting, scale and detail of a property in order to catch it at its best. 

Virtual walk-throughs are becoming very popular, as they give tenants a first-person perspective that can help them gauge size and detail in a way that photographs sometimes lack. This became especially important when the Covid-19 pandemic flared up. Thankfully, this technology isn’t going away; it’s only to get stronger. A good Property Management company will utilize video to showcase your property in the right way, at a length that won’t bore your target audience. 


This is where all the hard work comes to fruition. Once your prospective tenants have been chosen, it’s time to show off your property up close and personal, and a Property Management company knows how to handle this. They’ve already presented your property to the widest range of people, in the possible light. Make sure to utilize their services for showings in order to maintain consistency of service.

Not only will they answer any and all questions/concerns your prospective tenants may have, but they’ll be in a better position to service them, and you, after the contract has been signed. Each phase is a stepping stone towards building a healthy relationship between landlord and tenant that will help foster a great rental relationship.

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